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    Modelling functions

    Hi Guys

    Im having a little bit of a problem with a piece of code im trying to write. Basically I have a graph which im using to calulate the performance of a car, so im using a torque against rpm graph to model the engine chracteristics. Ive been trying to model this curve as a function of straight lines but i keep getting stuck. My idea is to model this curve then use it in an for loop with if functions to model the different states of the car as it moves through the gears, im just confused with how i can get this torque graph into the program so I can read off values of torque in this loop. Has anyone got any ideas which might help me do this?

    Any help would be gratefully recieved...Thanks!

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    You would use straight lines if the velocity is constant. However, in your case, it appears the velocity varies. This means that you would have to model the motion using a second order linear differential equation. The values then can be determined using a power series.

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