Thread: name conflicts in enum

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    name conflicts in enum

    Hello everyone,

    Suppose I have two enums which has an item with the same names -- but different values,

    enum foo {
              NAME = 100;
    enum goo {
              NAME = 200;
    Are there any ways to specify whether I need to access NAME in foo or NAME in goo?

    thanks in advance,

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    Unless they are in separate header files that are unrelated, or you are using C++, you can't.

    In C++, you can use foo::NAME and goo::NAME [I think!]

    It's a bad idea to use the same enum name for different values. Renaming at least one so that it's got unique names would be much better.

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    Hence why you usually name the members of the enum prefixed with the name of the enum, for example.
    enum foo {
              FOO_NAME = 100;
    enum goo {
              GOO_NAME = 200;
    Or even, G_NAME and F_NAME.

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