Thread: confused by Do While loop

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    Angry confused by Do While loop

    		printf("enter the letter \n");
    		scanf("%c",&_new->ch);	//    the program don't stop in this part
    		printf("another node\n");
    ĘPlease help me and thanks in advance
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    > scanf("%c",ans);
    Oops, no &
    Did you get any warnings from your compiler about this?
    Consider using gcc with the -Wall option to tell you about such things before running the code.

    Using %c is problematic since it takes the next character regardless. All the skip white space used by every other format is suppressed.

    So if you typed say "a" and return, then
    > scanf("%c",&_new->ch);
    This would get the 'a'
    > scanf("%c",ans);
    This would get the \n

    Pretty soon, you can find yourself out of step with the actual input, leading to the problems you describe.

    Consider using fgets() for ALL INPUT, then extract what you need from the returned buffer.
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