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    creating and using functions

    hey guys I have a hard time finding out how to create a function to run in a program that I'm supposed to do.

    In the middle of this page is a formula for calculating the amount I’d have in the bank after t years if I invested an amount P at an annual interest rate of r, and the interest is compounded n times per year. Write a function called interest which calculates the interest I’ve earned after m months. The function should accept 4 arguments: the principal amount P, the annual interest rate r, the number of times interest is compounded each year n, and the number of months m that the money has been in thebank. The output of the function should be the interest earned. Then write a program which does the following. The user should enter an initial investment P and an annual rate r. The program should then generate a table giving the interest after 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months for interest compound annually, monthly,
    and daily (assume 365 days/year). You must use the function interest in your program. The name of this program must be IntTable.c

    Important Note: The interest earned is not equal to A! A is the total amount in the bank, the interest earned is the final amount minus the initial amount.

    A = P * ( 1 + r/n ) ^(nt)

    P = principal amount (initial investment)
    r = annual interest rate (as a decimal)
    n = number of times the interest is compounded per year
    t = number of years
    A = amount after time t

    Example output for Part A:
    % a.out

    Enter your initial investment P: 2500.00
    Enter the annual interest rate r: 0.04
    Interest earned for different compounding schemes is as follows:
    Investment Time Annually Monthly Daily
    3 months 24.63 25.08 25.12
    6 months 49.51 50.42 50.50
    9 months 74.63 76.01 76.13
    12 months 100.00 101.85 102.02

    so far i only have the headings: Investment Time, Annually, Monthly, Daily,
    and 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months set correctly.

    I'm having lots of trouble creating function and I don't know how to make int main() receive the values I need. Here's what I have:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>
    int interest( float y );
    /* function main begins program execution */
    int main()
       float P;
       float r;
       int n; 
       float t;
       int A;
     printf( "\n enter your initial ivestment P: " );
     scanf( "%.2f", &P );
     printf( "enter the annual interest rate r: " );
     scanf( "%.2f", &r );
     printf( "\n%15s%10s%9s%8s\n", "Investment Time", "Annually", "Monthly", "Daily" );
    printf( "        3 months\n" );
    printf( "        6 months\n" );
    printf( "        9 months\n" );
    printf( "      12 months\n" );
    for ( A == 1 ; A <= 4 ; A++ ) {
          printf( "%20d  ", interest ( A ) );
          return 0;
    int interest( float y )
           int a;
           int b;
            int c;
            int d;
            int pow;
          y = a * pow( 1 + b / c, c * d );
          y -= a;
          return y;
    whenever i try to compile using gcc -lm IntTable.c I keep getting the error:

    IntTable.c: In function `interest':
    IntTable.c:54: error: "called object is not a function"

    Can YOU help me please?
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    for ( A == 1 ; A <= 4 ; A++ ) {
    No doubt you meant = (for assignment) instead of == (for comparison).
    gcc -lm IntTable.c
    On some compilers, you have to put the libraries last. Try
    gcc IntTable.c -lm
    I don't know which line is line 54. Next time, try marking it -- you'll probably get a faster response.

    Your printf statements probably won't work as you want them to. Remember that you have to print all of the data you want on a line before you print a newline. Once you print a newline, you can't modify that line at all any more.

    Oh and by the way, your variable names can be longer than one character.

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    Thanks dwk...closed

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