Thread: malloc for tree structures

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    malloc for tree structures


    I have a tree structure defined as.

    typedefchar value [50];
    typedef struct tree*node;
    struct tree {
             node l, r;
             value setvalue;
    I am aware that in C you have to allocate memory for the structure, or you get a segmentation error.
    Should I allocate memory to each part of the structure or should I allocate memory to the whole structure?
    how do I allocate memory in this case? (example code would be nice)

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    Each time you need a node, you allocate it:
    struct tree *root;
    root = malloc(sizeof *root);
    if(root == NULL) { /* do something on error */ }
    root->l = NULL;
    root->r = NULL;
    strcpy(root->setvalue, "I am a node");
    When you need to add a node, you allocate a new one like you did for the root and then point l or r to it. It's a little more complex than that (you have to traverse the tree to find the proper node) but since you're working with trees, you presumably understand that.

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