Thread: Struggling w/ string_replacement function

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    Struggling w/ string_replacement function

    Hello all, this is the last problem on a hmwk assignment of mine, and I am really getting frustrated over it. I am having probs writing my str_replace function...

    Basically, what this program needs to do is the following:

    Input sentence : This is very fun.
    S (search) = very
    R (replace) = not
    Output sentence: This is not fun.

    This is my thought process for this program:

    -have it look through the string you give to the function
    -if you find a character that matches the first character of the word to replace then keep checking to see if the whole word is there.
    -If it is, then don't add that new word to a temp string, but add the rest and insert the replacement string.

    Below is what I have up to now... my replace function may be really wrong, I honestly do not know for sure.... any help would be great. If anyone can walk me through the darn function that would help a lot too, I'm just confused.

    #define MAX_LEN 100
    int strlen(char *s)
    	char *p=s;
    		return p-s;
    void strcopy(char *x, char *y)
    	int i=0;
    	while(*x!='\0') {
    int strcomp(char *x, char *y)
    	while((*x==*y)&&(*x!='\0')&&(*y!='\0')) {
    		return 1;
    	else if(*x==*y)
    		return 0;
    		return -1;
    string_replace(char *orig_text, char *search, char *replace)
    	int *p, *temp, len;
    	char array;
    	while(p!='\0') {
    		if(*p==*search) {
    				for(i=1; i<=strlen(search); i++)
    			strcomp(temp, search);
    		else if(*p!=*search)
    		/*  I am really gettin confused w/ this function at this point...  how do I start to check character by character, etc? */
    	char original_str[MAX_LEN], s_str[MAX_LEN], r_str[MAX_LEN], outp_str[MAX_LEN];
    	int index;
    	printf("Original text:");
    	printf("New Sentence: %s %s, %s\n", original_str, s_str, r_str);

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    Think about this case

    Original=Hello World

    The thing to think about is what are you going to do with " World" when you replace 5 characters with 7 characters.

    Use a separate string for the result, it will be so much easier.

    On other notes
    1. NEVER USE gets() - see the FAQ
    2. Be explicit about the return types of all your functions.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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    Some things to consider/be aware of. Is the function meant to replace multiple instances of the search string with the replace string? For example:

    String = "When the hen is then."
    Search = "he"
    Replace = "i"
    Is the result = "Win the hen is then."
    Or is it = "Win ti in is tin."

    And then combine multiple replacement with the possible effects of the search string being a part of the replace string? For example:
    String = "bababa"?
    Search = "ba"
    Replace = "abba"
    1. Find first "ba" = "bababa"
    2. Replace with "abba" = "abbababa"
    3. Find next "ba" to replace
      • Is it "abbababa"?
      • Or is it "abbababa"?
      • The first assumption will lead to infinite replacement, the second won't
    4. Etc., etc., etc.

    Does your requirement address any of those issues or even need to address them at all? Just wondering. If you're just considering a single replacement then none of this matters.
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