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    Hash Tables

    I'm currently in a data structures course at school. We've had to build a word counting program, and at the moment.. I'm completely stuck. For some reason, I get a struct that doesn't seem to malloc. If someone could take a quick peek, or have any information that was wonderful.

    The files are clean. The program interface has to stay the same. The table ADT is what I've been working on.

    I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.

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    CFLAGS      =	-Wall -Werror -ansi -pedantic
    Table *tableCreate(int SIZE, int (*stringhash) (void *), int (*stringequals) (void *, void*))
    Table *tableCreate(int Size, int stringhash (void *), int stringequals (void *, void*));
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    What seems to be my biggest issue is, say in my tableGetEntry function...

    InfoType *e;
    unsigned int hashvalue, index;
    hashvalue = hash(table_ptr,word);
    index = indexFor(table_ptr->length,hashvalue);
    e = table_ptr->table[index];
    while (NULL != e)
    		if ((hashvalue == e->hsh) && (table_ptr->stringequals(word, e->word))) return e->count;
    		e = e->next;
    return NULL;
    If I printf my address for InfoType *e, it comes back as 0 or (nil). No information seems to be being saved there.

    robwhit, I change that function, and still that same problem.

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    One of the problems seems to be that your table entries contain pointers to data OUTSIDE the table entry itself. If that memory location gets re-used, then all your pointers to that external data change as well.

    Try maintaining local copies of any user data.
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