Thread: how to monitor exe and dll interactions?

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    how to monitor exe and dll interactions?

    Hello everyone,

    Are there any tool or other methods which could be used to monitor which class/method exe is accessing a DLL?

    Now I met with an issue that when I provide the DLL I developed to a 3rd parth application, it will crash sometimes and I suspect the 3rd party application is invoking some class/method which I do not implement the DLL. I have the full source codes of the DLL, but has no source codes of the exe so I am wondering whether there are some methods to monitor the interactions -- e.g. I can monitor which class/method the exe is invoking and at the same time my DLL has not implemented.

    I am using Visual Studio 2005 to develop native (unmanaged) C++ DLL, and I expose the interface of the DLL to exe through COM interface.

    thanks in advance,

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    If you don't have a function in your DLL, then it shouldn't be crashing - at least if the app is written correctly.

    If you use the debugger, what's on the stack when it fails? If it's CALLING a null-pointer [function not in the DLL] then it should be fairly obvious that this is happening.

    I personally think it's more likely that the failure is that you are returning/producting something "bad" in your DLL - since this is a much harder case to check in the calling code - detecting that an exported function doesn't exist is basic good practice [not that ALL programmers do that sort of thing, of course].

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