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    dumb question

    I am learing C (used Fortran for many years). I compiled a simple program on a free compiler I got off the internet, the problem is that the output screen automatically closes as soon as the program stops writing to the screen. Fortran does not do this. Is there some type of pause statement I need to put in or is it a compiler issue. The compiler I am using is Miracle C, are there any other good free compulers? Thanks in advance.

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    see the faq:
    as it says, look for that special run button in your ide, or run the compiled program from a command line. another option, on windows (and windows only) is to use system("pause");. another option is getch() or getchar().

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    For C

    CYGWIN is the best if you are running Windows

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    Miracle C is crap compared to, well pretty much everything else.

    Dev-C++ (make sure you get the compiler AND IDE)
    Code::blocks (make sure you get the compiler AND IDE)
    Microsoft Visual Studio Express + platform SDK
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