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    Functions and pointers

    hey guys.

    i have to write a difficult program to take student grades and compute them. i am defedently going to need more help on this later. the one problem i am having right now that i cant seem to figure out is that my compiler is saying "syntax error before int" it says this on the line in my program that says processOneStudent(int*numStudentPtr........) it is in main. can you just help me figure out why it is saying that??? here is my code. dont make fun its not even close to finish yet.

    #include <stdio.h>
    void welcome(void);
    void processOneStudent(int *numStudentsPtr, int *studentIdPtr, int *yearPtr, int *cumulativeHoursPtr, float *cumulativeGPAPtr);
    void reportStudentData(int studentId, int class, int cumulativeHours, float cumulativeGPA);
    int applyCriteria(void);
    void reportSummary(void);
    char more_students;
    int main(){
        printf("More Students (Y or N):\t");
        scanf("%c", &more_students);
        processOneStudent(int *numStudentsPtr, int *studentIdPtr, int *yearPtr, int *cumulativeHoursPtr, float *cumulativeGPAPtr); \\here is my problem
        else if(more_students=='N'||'n')
    system ("pause");
    return 0;
    void welcome(void){
         "*   Welcome to the Academic Standing System   *\n\n",
         "*           Developed by Drem Darios          *\n\n",
    void processOneStudent(int *numStudentsPtr, int *studentIdPtr, int *yearPtr, int *cumulativeHoursPtr, float *cumulativeGPAPtr ){
                           int hours;
                           int grade;
                           printf("Enter student id, class, cum. hours, cum. GPA:\t");
                           scanf("%d%d%d%f", &studentIdPtr, &yearPtr, &cumulativeHoursPtr, &cumulativeGPAPtr);
                           printf("Hours and grade (0 0 to end)?\t"); 
                           scanf("%d%d", &hours, &grade);
                           while ( hours<0 && grade<0){
                           printf("Hours and grade (0 0 to end)?\t"); 
                           scanf("%d%d", &hours, &grade);
    void reportStudentData(int studentId, int year, int cumulativeHours, float cumulativeGPA){
                           printf("Student Id:\t%d\n", studentId);
                           printf("Class:\t%d\n", year);
                           printf("New Cumulative Hours:\t%d\n", cumulativeHours);
                           printf("New Cumulative GPA:\t%.2f\n", cumulativeGPA);                      
    void reportSummary(int numStudents, int numInGoodStanding){
         printf("Number of Students:\t%d\n", numStudents);
         printf("Number in Good Standings\t%d\n",numInGoodStanding);
         printf("\nThank you for using the Academic Standing System. Bye bye!");

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    Please dont cross post the same topic again.


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