Thread: Binary to Ascii Conversion

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    Binary to Ascii Conversion


    I am using c code to convert a binary .DAT file to a ASCII format file.

    Code to convert binary character to ascii character is something like below:


    The problem is if i give the filename of binary file in argument to the executable then it is not able to read the file saying "File not found"
    Even though the file is present in the given path.
    If i change the filename to B_ABCDE_.DAT it reads the file properly.
    Is there any limitation to filename characters in C
    I am using TruboC++ compiler using following command to open the file.
    fp = fopen( binfile, "rb");

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    Apparently your code cannot read long file names. You'll have to input the equivalent of the long file name to your executable. At the command prompt in the directory where your file is located, execute the following command:

    DIR /X

    This will display both the long file name and the 8.3 DOS file name. Input the 8.3 DOS file name to your executable. The DOS equivalent should be something like B_ABCD~1.DAT.

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    This is a result of using Turbo. Old DOS compilers cannot use long Windows filenames, even though the same code compiled with a modern compiler can. I'd suggest getting a newer compiler.

    For example, try Dev-C++:

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