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    array, calling function

    needing help on how to call a function in the main domain area.

    Construct a grid 4 x 4:
    Using only numbers from 1 to 16 (inclusive), fill the table such that:
    No number can be used twice
    The sum of each row is 34
    The sum of each column is 34

    Use a random number generator to obtain numbers between 1 and 15.
    Use modular decomposition to separate the calculation tasks into functions.
    Use #define to create constants such as SIZE and ROWTOTAL.
    The grid should be a 2 dimensional array which is passed by reference into functions.

    i have done the function for random number generator, total sum, and also a chek function to see if the number has already been displayed in the grid or not.

    But what i cant figure out is how i can relate these functions back to the main domain into the array.

    plz help. thnx in advance

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    Firstly it's called the main function, not the main domain area, but I guess it doesn't really matter.

    And then think to yourself what do you need the main function to do?

    I'm guessing you need it to perhaps print the grid? or print error messages or completion messages.

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    To pass an array between functions...
    void foo ( int a[4][4] ) {
      if ( a[0][0] == 0 ) {
        a[0][0] = 1;
    int main ( ) {
      int arr[4][4];
      foo( arr );
      return 0;
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