Thread: looking for an automatic program that will do specific tasks

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    Exclamation looking for an automatic program that will do specific tasks

    I am looking for a program that will disable the internet conenction at a certain time automatically without the user's noticing anything (except the internet not working obviously). So the internet will stop working but the person who is using the computer wont see anything happen on screen. It should disable the internet "invisibly"

    Please tell me how I can do this with a program. (I am not into programming, so please dont ask me to program anything)

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    Why come to a programming board then? This isn't really a place to request programs either.

    I'd say it sortof falls under rule #6
    Quote Originally Posted by Rule #6
    6. Messages relating to cracking, (erroneously called "hacking" by many), copyright violations, or other illegal activities will be deleted. This includes all messages reguarding to keyloggers.
    Since the user's computer is being tampered with beyond their will.

    You could do it without a program, look at scheduled events on Windows and learn a few commands (especially ipconfig).

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    Cross-posted and highly suspect.
    All the buzzt!

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