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    desperate help needed

    this program im writing as some of u probs already know is sposed to invert and scroll pictures. As a student as was required to write a function to invert the photo and procedures to horizontally and vertically scroll an image. these procedures and function were to be seperate from the mainline file and stored in a file Image_lib.c with the mainline being Image.c

    the problems I'm having so far are

    1) My invert function sets all the image data to 0 for some reason and so the image comes out as blank


    2) I get segmentation faults whenever my procedure deals with an imported value.

    this is the code to my procedure/function

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <ep100lib.h>
    #include <math.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #define EP100_LIB_MAX_X 1024
    #define EP100_LIB_MAX_Y 1024
    int (*Image_Invert(int image_data[EP100_LIB_MAX_X][EP100_LIB_MAX_X], int height, int width))[]
    int row, column, red, green, blue;
    int newred, newgreen, newblue;
    static int new_data[EP100_LIB_MAX_X][EP100_LIB_MAX_Y];
    for(row=0;row < height; row++)
    	for(column=0; column < width; column++);
    		red = ((image_data[row][column]>>16) &0xff);
    		green = ((image_data[row][column]>>8) &0xff);
    		blue = ((image_data[row][column]) &0xff);
    		newred = 255 - red;
    		newgreen = 255 - green;
    		newblue = 255- blue;
    		new_data[row][column] = ((newred<<16) + (newgreen<<8) + (newblue));
    return (int **)new_data;
    void Image_Horizontal_Scroll(int image_data[EP100_LIB_MAX_X][EP100_LIB_MAX_Y], int height, int width, int horizontal_scroll_amount)
    int row;
    int column;
    int new_data[EP100_LIB_MAX_X][EP100_LIB_MAX_Y];
    int new_column;
    horizontal_scroll_amount = horizontal_scroll_amount % width;
    for (row=0; row < height; row++)
    	for (column=0; column < width; column++)
    		if (column + horizontal_scroll_amount < 0)
    			new_data[row][width + column + horizontal_scroll_amount] = image_data[row][column];
    		else if (0 <= column + horizontal_scroll_amount < width)
    			new_data[row][column + horizontal_scroll_amount] = image_data[row][column];
    		else if (column + horizontal_scroll_amount >= width)
    			new_data[row][column - width + horizontal_scroll_amount] = image_data[row][column];
    image_data = new_data[EP100_LIB_MAX_X][EP100_LIB_MAX_Y];

    And this is where i have called the functions/procedures in my mainline

    				Image_Horizontal_Scroll(image_data, height, width, horizontal_scroll_amount);

    		if (invert == true)
    			ep100_lib_set_data(Image_Invert(image_data, height, width));

    serious help is needed people.. I have literally been punching my computer for around 4 hours now

    thanx alot

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    Why does image_invert and horizontalscroll have a different interface?

    > return (int **)new_data;
    return new_data;
    should suffice.

    > image_data = new_data[EP100_LIB_MAX_X][EP100_LIB_MAX_Y];
    Did this even compile?
    Or did you just ignore a bunch of warnings?

    memcpy( image_data, new_data, sizeof new_data );
    Will copy the whole array.
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