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    basic C programming help

    Hey I'm working on a list and object implementation. And im trying to write the classic bouncing ball. But I just get a black screen, any help would be greatly apprechiated.

    Below is the zip file containing my project writted with eclipse.

    Thx in advance for any help!

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    You dont seem to be calling SDL_Filp at the end of your main loop so everything you draw to your back buffer just ends up sitting there doing nothing.

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    You haven't enabled double buffering, so there's only 1 buffer. You can still call SDL_Flip() OR alternatively call SDL_UpdateRect() on the entire screen (all params 0).

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    Well I got some help at school and got it done. My main error was in the object interface. I used bzero which apparently zero'd out the selected memory, but with bcopy I got the desired effect.
    Also had some changes to the main so further improove the actual bouncing balls function... I can upload the project as it is now if some1 wants?

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