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    Question Partitiontypes NTFS,...


    I would like to programm a FileTool in C. My tool should be able to access all popular Partitions (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Linux Partition....) and acsess also external HD's.

    When I will finisch my application i would need a bootable floppy/usb-stick/CD Operating System. I have looked for MS-Dos, FreeDos, ... aso but i could not find any ops that suports the most important partiontypes. I need not a special gui and im happy with simple dos that supports all important partiontypes.

    Are there any simple Dos OPS that support NTFS and all other important partitions or is there any other solution to use special partitiontypes with external libs and headers?

    I hava found a soulution to build a bootable cd with the BART PE Tool but when you use Bart Pe then you can also use c#, java, vb or some other programming languages that use the Win GUI and thats not my prefered solution becouse i would like to programm a simple and fast DOS application in C.

    Thx for your help

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    You could get yourself a very basic linux system, without GUI and stuff installed. That will give you exactly what you want.

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