Thread: Porting to Linux?

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    Porting to Linux?

    I'm porting an ancient C program to Linux and I have 2 versions of this function, one for BSD and one for SYS V.
    I'm not sure if either is appropriate for Linux, but the only real difference is the call to wait() (the SYS V version uses 'union wait status' instead of 'int status'). Here's the BSD version:
    	spawnvp( mode, path, argv )
    		int mode;
    		char *path;
    		char *argv[];
    		int pid;
    		int status;
    		fflush( stdout );
    		fflush( stderr );
    		signal(SIGCHLD, SIG_DFL);
    		switch ( pid = fork() ) {
    		case -1:	/* error  */
    			return -1;
    		case 0:		/* child  */
    			exit( execvp( path, argv ) );
    		default:	/* parent */
    			while ( wait( &status ) != pid )
    			return status ? -1 : 0;
    I can't see any reason why this wouldn't work fine on Linux, but then again, I never use those fork(), execvp(), signal()... functions.
    Will this work as expected (which of course is undocumented, so I can only guess)?

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    Looks ok from a brief view - have you tried to compile it? [Not that will guarantee that it works right, but it's a good start if it compiles - there's a chance then...]

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    Look fine to me. You might consider eliminating the while-loop around the call to wait() by calling waitpid() instead, but it's no big deal and using wait() is more primitive and therefore more portable.

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    Thanks. I guess I'll just use it like that and see how it goes.

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