Thread: how to read from /dev/ as a stream ?

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    how to read from /dev/ as a stream ?


    i wish to use /dev/video (or /dev/dsp) as a stream and work with it:
    for the basic i wish only to get hold of data and manipulate it
    i tried the next :
    include <stdio.h>
    int main(int argc,char **argv)
            return 0;
    i wish to "see" the what is sent to the audio transfer (or any other).
    the problem is that i get all the time the same character (i guess it is 0).

    in the end i wish to be able to copy a stream (audio and video) and transfer and transfer it over the network to other pc and there to the correct devices :
    pc1/dev/video1 -> pc2/dev/video1
    pc1/dev/dsp -> pc2/dev/video1
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    Well you've closed stdin, and not assigned the result of fopen() to anything.

    Try freopen()
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