Thread: This rand func is not working!!

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    This rand func is not working!!

    thanks for checking this out:

    void computerMove(char board[SIZE][SIZE])
    	int x,y;
    	x = rand()%3;
    	y = rand()%3;
    	board[x][y] = 'x';
    this is just a simple random function for a computer to make a move in tic tac toe. Everytime i run the program i get the same randomly generated number [2][2]. I'm new to this so if it is blatantly obvious please make me feel retarded and then show me the light

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    Call srand() first. You need to call it at least once at the beginning of your program to seed the random number generator. On some systems, you have to call it once per thread. Don't worry about that for now. Somewhere near the start of your program, just put this:

    For what you're doing this should be sufficient. Make sure you include the proper header files.

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    You really should read the FAQ before posting. This is probably the most frequently asked question of all!

    Otherwise the poor FAQ writers will wonder why they even bothered...
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    I'm wondering...
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