Thread: string to integer in pseudo

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    string to integer in pseudo

    how do i write the atoi() command in pseudo code???

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    you should ask the creator of the pseudo-code.
    Here is the C board, so we can only tell how to write the atoi in C
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    Something like this :
    Convert String to Integer // Using atoi() in C for ex.

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    Just explain how you would program such a function in English. List the steps in as much detail as you can. That's all pseudo code is really. Except you don't have to use complete sentences.
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    Different places have different definitions of pseudo-code, there is no formal standard for pseudo-code.

    The term pseudo-code itself means "false code", or more loosely, "not real code". It could be C with simplified syntax or it could be plain english (perhaps with simplified forms), or it could look like Pascal or Fortran (with a more flexible syntax).

    The idea with pseudo-code is that it holds fewer details than the actual code, but describes the solution to the problem in a way that is relatively easy to translate into a programming language.

    As to the answer to the original question,I think King Mir gave a good answer: Describe step by step the process of converting a string into an integer.

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    i would guess its just one line of code in C to convert an string to an int. The alternative to an atoi is to use sscanf(). ITs just a single statment. How would u think of to right a pesudo code for that. May be i would write it like this

    Converted Integer value = atoi( String liternal which u wanted to be converted )
    I tired atleast


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    > how do i write the atoi() command in pseudo code???
    "You mean like multiply current result by 10 and add the next character (in a loop)" kinda thing?

    Depends how detailed you want your pseudo-code to be.
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