Thread: doubt in switch case

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    doubt in switch case


    i have a doubt about how to write a switch case for a big program like spreadsheet wherein i give the values starting from A=0,B=1,C=2,...Z=25,AA=26,AB=27,....AZ=..and so on up to ZZ=701

    i am not understanding how to write such a big switch case.could someone help me out with the logic.


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    First of all, you probably don't want to do it that way!

    Second, what is it you are having trouble with - it seems straight forward enough, aside from being very tedious and longwinded.

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    700 cases?

    Surely the model for a spreadsheet looks something like a 2D array, and you perform some calculation to turn say "AB" into an array subscript.

    If you understand base 10, then this would be base 26.
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