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    Question dynamical data visualisation

    I want points to be printed in a coordinate system say one per second - usually I give the points to gnuplot, but this is static- I want them to "move"
    for(i=0 ; i<=N ; x+=dx , y+=dy , i++)
    	if(x<-0.99 || x>0.99)
    	if(y<-0.99 || y>0.99)
    	printf("%i	%.4f	%.4f	%.4f\n",i,x,y,sqrt(x*x+y*y));
    	fprintf(f_ptr,"%i %.4f %.4f %.4f\n",i,x,y,sqrt(x*x+y*y));
    How do I get on with this problem ?

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    I think you need to explain what you want to do a bit better.

    There are a few different ways to make something move, one of them is to change the scale - say you have a sine-wave that you want to grow bigger and smaller, then you would change the value you multiply the sine-value by, depending on how big or small you want it.

    Of course, as far as I understand it, gnuplot will just draw one set of data at any given time.

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    If you're intending to have something continually update, you'll be needing a graphics library of some sort.
    Which then begs the question as to which OS/Compiler you're using.
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