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    newbie questions

    Hi guys I am new to C and have a few newbie questions I was asked at class. Any help wold be great.
    Does a variable needs to be declared and initialized before usage? Is this true or false;
    An example or reason would be appreciated.
    Why is design important to the programming cycle?
    What happens behind the scene as a source code is converted to an executable?
    What are the processes involved?
    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    This sounds very much like homework, so perhaps you can supply what you know about the answers to your questions, and then we can fix up what you got wrong or missed the point of.

    Homework policy

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    Sounds a lot like a homework assignment to me. I would have helped you a bit if you actually did most of it and asking if your answers are correct, but it is not our fault you do not study or pay attention in class.

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