Thread: Using iproute2 existing code for my application

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    Using iproute2 existing code for my application

    Hi, i would like to use the iproute2 packet in my application avoiding the use of system(const char*) calls to perform commands, so my first approach was to create a library.a from the iproute2 packet and then call the main function (of iproute2) in my code. Is there a nicer approach? i would like also to avoid rewriting the same code, i was wondering also if the use of iproute2 application as library could create some problems, see global function that in my case wont be reset.

    i have the same dout with Netfilter (iptables), what is usually the way of doing things ?
    thank you!

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    If you want to actually execute a separate program such as iproute2, then there are really only two ways to go about it that I can think of at the moment. Use system() or a similar command to execute the program in executable form; or do as you have done and incorporate the program's code into your own.

    It's different, of course, if the program is just a wrapper around a library, like bzip2 is. But iproute does not seem to be this way, so I guess you've identified the only two solutions.

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