Hi I had this program to write to help me learn C. I am out of time to hand in this program and as many of the features used in this program will be in my assesment the lecturer is holding off telling us the error of our ways. It is quite large and in a bit of a mess but if someone could give me some pointers it would be much appreciated. I have done some of it but I'm beat I'll attach it as a text document and tell you the requirements.

1.To allow input of competitor details
2.To produce a report of all competitors, including competitor number,name,age and category and the current date and time.
3.To allow input of competitor time after the race has taken place.
4.To produce a report of race results This report should include for each competitor their number name and time. It should also show the average time.

competitor number allocated by the system
first name max 20 characters
surname max 30 characters
age on 1st january 2002 min 18 max 99
category (J) juvenile (S)standard (E)Expert
Once the marathon has been run the competitor times have to be added in hours correct to 1 decimal place a cut off is set at 5hrs competitors finishing after this are given 5 hrs

Any help would be appreciated as I know i must learn how to do this and soon Cheers Davie