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    College Classes

    Greetings everyone. So I am a Sophmore in highschool and all this week we are suppose to go to these meetings we have one on one with our counselor. In these meetings we are suppose to disscuss:

    1. Possible career choice.
    2. Possible classes we want to take.
    3. What school we might be interested in.

    I know it might seem early to be planning for this stuff but at my school they try to do it early. So the purpose of this thread is to ask a few simple questions. What classes should I tell him? I really want to take some classes based around programming, primarily C/C++ programming. The problem is, I do not know what classes are called. I heard that, computer science, is a class to take. Although I heard computer science also teaches a lot of different other languages but as I look at some possible programming jobs they all require a bachelors in Computer science. I am not worried about the college I want to pick, since they will be decided by myself. I just want to know what are some classes. Thanks.

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    You tell your counselor basically what you told us. You're not a stupid person. I mean, you sound like you know what you want to do, so that is what you say. Your counselor doesn't expect you to list all the courses in the Computer Science department that you happen to be interested in. It's his job to help you get the most out of your academic career based on your goals.

    > I heard that, computer science, is a class to take.
    Computer science is an entire field of study. If you calm down and express your interests (C++, working as a programmer...) I would ask him questions about the courses he recommends for you. Approach it as a discussion with someone important, and you will be placed in courses that will help ou become a good programmer, maybe a good C++ programer.

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    citizen: thanks for the help man, I will keep it all in mind.

    Yeah I will just talk to him when the time comes because in the area I live and out of all the highschools in this area he is the best guy to talk to about colleges and scholarships, although I do not think I could be able to get a scholarship. But he is really good so I will just tell him what I am interested in and see what he says.

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