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    Unhappy Printer problem?

    I am having trouble printing a report generated by a program i have created. I want to print a hard copy of this report to my printer but it just will not work. Below is all the instructions I have tried, can anyone help me out please. I am using Borland C++.


    I have checked help and it says that the streams I have used above are opened automatically. I have tried the above in conjunction with the fopen function and the tried the fprintf but nothing seems to work!!!!!PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!


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    You can't use standard streams as far as I'm aware,
    you need to define a FILE pointer with an appropriate name, then open the stream 'manually'.

    Try something like this:

    FILE *prn_fp;

    /* some code */

    if( ( prn_fp = fopen( "LPT1", "w" ) ) == NULL )
    /* error code here */

    then fprintf( prn_fp, ........ );

    If LPT1 doesn't work try "PRN"

    LPT1 and PRN are used in Dos, and this works for me using Visual C++ to compile C programs.

    Hope this helps

    Foffo Spearjig

    PS You can use freopen() to redirect std streams if you want, but I can't comment on this, having never used it!
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    I only wrote this for printing on "LPT1":

    fprintf(stdprn, "\n\r Hello");
    Maybe it's not the problem in your code, maybe it's your printer.

    That's all folks.
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