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    i want to write the HCL description of a hardware block that has four 8-bit inputs I1 to I4, and four 8-bit outputs O1 to O4. The block sorts the inputs and presents them on the output in ascending order.

    so i'll have

    int Ascend=[

    (I1<= I2 && I1<=I3 && I1 <= I4) && (I2<=I3 && I2<=I4) && (I3<=I4): I1,I2,I3,I4


    my question is that is their an easire way to do it because if i keep doing this, i'll end up with 24 cases.

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    Handel-C? I'm not familiar with it if so.
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    I suspect it's some sort of hardware description language, but I don't know. And I have no idea as to the answer.

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