Thread: working with compressed files

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    working with compressed files

    -beginner level programmer.
    I've written a couple of small programs to manipulate .wav and .bmp files.
    Could anyone give me an overview of how I'd work with files such as mp3 or jpg? Any book or a website recommendations?



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    What environment are you using these functions? I take it is windows. I know for a fact that you can load JPEG images as part of teh CImage in MFC. I don't think the corresponding sound functions support MP3's tho.

    The essence is that you will have to decompress the file-content before you can use it. Depending on what you want to do, MP3's may not need completely decoding before they are "useful" - but you certainly need an MP3 decoder.

    Try this one:

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    Thanks. I'll give that a try.
    Yes -using XP.
    Maybe I should get into Linux-another question - is that better for learning to program, or is that a massive debate?


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    I'd say neither. Just learning the basics of programming can be done on either Windows or Linux. The only differences really come in once you get into platform specific stuff.
    However, having knowledge of how things work in both OSs is useful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyjeffs View Post
    Maybe I should get into Linux-another question - is that better for learning to program, or is that a massive debate?
    I think the biggest benefit to choosing Linux as a learning platform is the HUGE body of open source code available for that platform. Of course, open source isn't limited to just Linux, but a lot of the projects you'll find on the Internet are Linux-only, or at least only actively developed for Linux.

    I don't even want to get into which platform is "better," though.

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