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    C Questions

    Can anyone help me with the following code and the questions that follow it?

    LINE    Contains
    50    char * b, q, *r;
    200    b=getbuf();
    201    q = *b;
    212    r= anotherfunction(b);
    213-300    /* we want to use q and  r here*/
    2000    char * getbuf()
    2001    {
    2002       char buff[8];
    2003-2050  /* unspecified, buff defined here *./
    2051      return (char *) buff;
    2052    }
    What will be in variable q after line 201 is executed? Under what conditions might this not be so?

    Is there an alternative, but equivalent, way to write line 2000? If so, what is it?

    Is getbuf() a reasonable function?

    Will getbuf() execute at all?

    Please comment on line 2051.

    Is getbuf() good practice, and why?

    What line not given should be provided for compilation?

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    Yeah, I've just answered all these on
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