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    speech compression

    i need to know if there are any source codes available in c for speech compression

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    I'm gonna have to go ahead and say... yes

    Then ask why you haven't searched the web? This isn't really a place to acquire research slaves...

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    i have searched for it in the net.. .but wasnt able to find any codes for any codecs.....

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    Top 174 results of at least 188,400 retrieved for the query speech compression source code
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    Google for 'speex'

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    Do you want a standardized speech compression algorithm, or do you just want something that compresses the sound into something smaller?

    There are a number of standard voice compression algorithms around, uLaw being one of those.

    Another method is the GSM compression used in Mobile Phones. It is a fair bit more complex than uLaw, but also offers more compression.

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