Thread: Splitting a number.

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    Splitting a number.

    Hey everyone!

    I was working on this program and I came upon a problem.

    When the user inputs:

    I want it to be broken up into "8" and be stored in a variable, and into a "5" and be stored into a variable.

    Another example would be: 74.
    The the variable a = 7;
    and the variable b = 4;

    I thought of everything but I cant figure out a simple way of doing this.

    If you can give any help, I will appreciate it!

    Thank you,

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    Use the modulo (%) operator. This particular operator returns the remainder of one number divided by another. If you use num%10, you'll get the number in the tens column. You can then divide num by 10 and go num%10 again, perhaps until num is 0, unless you know how many digits the number will have.

    Search the board, this is a common problem.

    [edit] For example: [/edit]

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    I understand what you mean. Thank you for your help, I cant believe I couldnt think of something so simple!

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