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    parallelogram for statement

    Ok so here the problem i just got into a beginning programming C class and my teacher kind of sucks and i would love some help....

    basically im writing a program that writes a parallelogram with a input of a width and a length...

    so basically if you what the length to be 5 and you want the width to be 4 the output would look like this

    (each row moves over to the right about 2 spaces everytime it goes to the next line)

    pretty simple im assuming... i pretty much understand everything on how to do everything but the for statement part or the while statement im currently trying to use the for statement because i think it is easiest to read... but for the life of me i cant get it to compile and after i input my 2 numbers print anything near to the right thing... if anyone could help me with the basic set up and a brief explanations i would absolutely love it... thanks so much

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    Please don't post the same thing multiple times.
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