Thread: little ptoblem with chars

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    little ptoblem with chars

    I wrote this simple code, to print the char wich it's binary value is assigned in the "bits" integer:
    int main()
        int bits=01001101;
    according to the ascii table ,the binary value of 'M' is 01001101 but when i run the program it outputs 'A'

    when i change "bits" to 01010111 wich is the ascii of 'W' the program out puts 'I'
    why is that ? what did i do wrong ?

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    i dont know how to program computer biut try

    int bits=01001101b;

    and if that dont work convert binaryy to decimal and use that instead. (binary value is same as decimal value)
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    Numbers with leading zeros are interpreted as octal (base 8), not decimal, not binary.

    There is no standard way to write a binary number, though some embedded compilers do support the b suffix as ggs has shown.
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