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    Integer creation program

    A program that makes an integer with the name you specify.

    Eg. I run the program, and put "Hello" as the integer name, and it creates an integer called Hello.

    Is this possible to do?

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    variable names have no meaning after the program is compiled, so, no.

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    Ok, thanks for the quick response.

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    You dont' necessarily have to use a named variable, you could have a linked list or some sort of table full of name's and their values, ie:
    struct cell_t {
        char name[16];
        int value;
    } cell;
    And a linked list of 'cells', for example cell 1 would contain, name = "Hello" value = 2 or whatever.

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    It's dead easy to do in C++, with say

    std::map< std::string, int >
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