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    CRC Calculator Help

    I'm trying to verify the CRC Calculation in my code and all I can find is this site:

    Can anyone verify if this is printing out the correct values? I am interesting in the CRC-CCITT method.

    Website Inputs:

    CRC Order: 16
    CRC polynom: 1021
    Initial value: 0000
    Final XOR value: 0000

    Data Sequence: %FF%FF%FF%FF%FF%FF%FF%FF

    Result: A6E1h or 42,721.

    I'm trying to pass FF in 8 times, getting a final value of 45,906 or B352h in my code.

    Thanks in advance

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    Post your actual code, and your actual test code perhaps?
    If you did mess it up, we can't possibly guess how.
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    My code is just a CRC register that does the calculation for me. I was hoping someone could confirm the website to be wrong. I think it is tho.

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