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    problem in school

    this is an assignment for my class and it is supposed to be a calendar but i cant figure out how th make the spaces for the day that the user chooses. any help would be appreciated

    include <stdio.h>


    int i, n, day;
    printf("enter number of days in the month:");
    printf("Enter starting day of the week (1=Sun, 7=Sat):");
    for (i=1; i <= n ; i++)
    if (i==(9-day) ||i==(16-day) || i==(23-day) || i==(30-day))
    printf("%3d", i);
    return 0 ;

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    a little addition

    the book shows it like this:
    Enter days in the month: 31
    enter starting day(1=Sun, 7+Sat): 3
    1 2 3 4 5
    6 7 8 9 10 11

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    Try adding this right after the scanf() to get the starting day of the month:

    for ( i=0; i<(day-1); i++ )
      printf("   "); /* That's three spaces */
    Also, the code you posted won't compile. You're missing the '#' before the preprocessor include, and a '}' to close out main().

    While you're at it, declare main() to return type int.
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