Thread: C Programming for LED circuit

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    C Programming for LED circuit

    The basic circuit I want to interface to looks like this--

    OS:Windows XP
    C Compiler- Borland TC++v5.5
    MATLAB v7.0, MATLAB Compiler v4.0

    As I am quite a novice in programming, I haven't been able to figure out how to program this circuit in C. As you can see, my interface is via serial port of a PC.

    What I want to do is that there should be 3 cases total, first 2 cases where each of these LEDs would flash individually, the third case being where both alternately flash in turns. LED requires a DC supply of approximately 1.5 volts across which a serial pin can provide. The ideal baud rate would be something that is equivalent to constant voltage....string of bits denoting HIGH level. So there would be no reading, just writing to individual pins, sending a string of 1s to empower the LEDs. No polling, no sending out messages etc

    I intend to interface a different program (MATLAB) to the executable. Please note I cant use any programmer IC on board to keep it simple. Is this plausible?

    I do hope this makes sense.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Which Operating system is running on your PC?
    Which C compiler do you have installed?

    Plus, I'm only mentioning RTS and DTR so that I don't have to keep referring to the image.
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    OS is Windows, Borland TC++ v5.5, I am sorry to not mention that b4...Thanks

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    It is very likely that Turbo C can't use it's normal interface for the Com-port. You should really consider using a more modern compiler, and using the Windows COM-port API.

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    This is one of those site which using Turbo C compile for serial porgramming. Serial Port. But it is strongly recommanded not to use this compiler ay furthure. Since you wont get any support on it. Consider upgrading your compiler to gcc


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