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    setting file permissions

    Hello all,
    So I recently joined the Linux community but am still learning the differences between it and Windows. At this point in my project I am just getting a users input of a file that he/she wants to open to write to. The testing to see if the file entered exists or not seems to be working ok. However instead of just returning an error if the file does not exist i want to create it. That seems to be working almost fine. The file that I create becomes locked and not usable. Im guessing because im not in root mode. But I would like the file to be used by anyone. How would I set the permissions for this so that it is usable to write to immediately?

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    You could always post some code and some error messages.

    Being root (or otherwise) has nothing to do with it BTW.
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    >The file that I create becomes locked and not usable
    If your program created the file through fopen. And you are the current user who executed the code. Then you will the owner of that file. As mentioned before it has nothing to do with root. And how do you say that the file has been locked.

    Its like this. When you create a file. You will get the read/write access and all other will get read access to that code expect root.

    Did you get any error message. Post your code.


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