Thread: Accessing a file with threads

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    Accessing a file with threads

    If I were, in the main() function, to open a file, then kickoff a number of threads that would all access the file with each thread reading in a line each using fgets (which says that it is thread safe if I am reading the man page correctly), then each thread will be able to do this without tripping over each other, correct?

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    I guess so, if it says that it is thread-safe.

    Though which thread gets which line is probably more interesting...
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    In this case it doesnt matter because each line is a single record, and no two lines are dependant on each other, so each line can be processed independently to any other. I wanted to check that thread safe meant that no two threads could be calling fgets at the same time. I guess that it has some sort of atomic queueing mechanism in there.

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    I looked at the source in the MS library a while back, and they have a mutex to prevent more than one thread inside the file function at any time - it is one lock per file, so if you open multiple files, they are not blocking on each other. Of course, I don't know if the C-library is implemented the same way - but I expect that to be the case.

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