Thread: Adding a Large number digit by digit

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    Adding a Large number digit by digit

    I posted a previous thread but it is pretty much dead, so here is a new one.

    I'm trying to add to very large numbers digit by digit that the user inputs.
    I have it working as long as the numbers are the same length digit wise and the last number does not have a carry.

    I'm not sure how to shift the numbers and keep the program working the way its suppose to.

    #include "stdafx.h"
    int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    unsigned char number1 [256] = {'0'};
    unsigned char number2 [256] = {'0'};
    unsigned char result [256] = {'0'};
    int i, y=0, sum=0, carry=0;
    printf ("Please enter a number upto 255 digits long:\n");
    scanf ("%s", number1);
    printf ("Your first number is %s.\n",number1);
    printf ("Please enter another number upto 255 digits long:\n");
    scanf ("%s", number2);
    printf ("Your second number is %s.",number2);
    memset (result, 0, sizeof(result));
    	for(y=255; y>=0; y--) {
    		if( number1[y] == 0) {
    			goto BACK;
    		else if( number2[y] == 0) {
    			goto BACK;
    		sum += carry;
    		sum += number1[y]-'0'+number2[y]-'0';
    		carry = sum/10;
    		result[y] = sum%10+'0';
    		sum = 0;}
      printf("\nThe sum is %s.", result);
      return 0;
    Thank you for your help.

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    There's still life in your other thread, and starting a new one just looks like bumping.
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