Thread: Problem with DMA inside a struct pointer

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    Problem with DMA inside a struct pointer


    I'm working on a project at the moment and i have run into some trouble.

    I have a struct defined as such:

    typedef struct{
    	int points;
    	float *time, *dhdt, *drate, *diff;
    } simData;
    then in my main function I have this code:

    simData *data;
    data->points = 1800;
    data->time = (float *)malloc(points*sizeof(float));
    data->dhdt = (float *)malloc(points*sizeof(float));
    data->drate = (float *)malloc(points*sizeof(float));
    data->diff = (float *)malloc(points*sizeof(float));
    Everytime I try and run this code, the program crashes. Can anyone help me unearth why this is happening?

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    Have you tried allocating data?
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    Can you give me an example? Not quite sure what you mean.

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    As in
    data = malloc ( sizeof *data );

    before doing any data->member things.
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    And see about not casting malloc.

    > simData *data;
    data is a pointer of simData type that points to nothing (in this case, it points anywhere - including potential memory which you don't own), where do you expect the variables you're setting to go? You haven't allocated any memory for them...

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    Yes I realised this last night. I feel really stupid for forgetting something as simple as that. Thanks everybody.

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