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    Compiler errors

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main ()
    /* Declare and initialize variables. */
    int number1 = 4, number2 = 7, sum;
    /* Calculate sum. */
    sum = numberl + number2;
    /* Print the sum. */
    printf("The sum is */.d \n", sum);
    /* Exit program. */
    system ("pause");
    return 0;

    We HAVE to work within Bloodshed

    Errors per compiler:
    In function 'main'
    line 9 parameter 'number1' is initilaized
    line 9 parameter 'number2' is initialized
    line 11 syntax error b4 sum

    Please help me

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    Can you post your actual program, with [code][/code] tags.
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