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    Question In trouble with CreateThread

    I am trying to develop a multithreat application but the code below act a bit strange do not call workingThread and giving no error message as well. The code below working well with borland compiler but now I am using vs2003, pls help me, why that code do not work?

    threadId = CreateThread( NULL, 0,
    (LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE) workingThread,
    0, 0, &dwThreadId);

    SetThreadPriority( threadId, THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL);

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    Are you checking the return value of CreateThread() to see if it failed? If so, check what error it's giving you with GetLastError().

    Otherwise, are you sure that workingThread points to valid code? Does it have the same calling convention that CreateThread() is expecting? It has to have a prototype like this:

    DWORD WINAPI ThreadProc(LPVOID lpParameter);

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    Quote Originally Posted by mindtrap View Post
    multithreat application
    Thas sounds like something to be afraid of...

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