Thread: writing c on ms visual c++ 2003

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    writing c on ms visual c++ 2003

    can you write fully functional c code on the ms visual c++ 2003 compiler?
    work just gave me a new laptop and need to write c for a class.
    my work has restricted all installs and downloads.
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    So long as you name your files as prog.c, it should compile them as C.
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    Yes, certainly. The Microsoft C++ compiler is also able to compile as "plain C". As Salem says, if the filename is "xxxx.c", then the file will be compiled as "C" rather than "C++".

    If you are using the command-line "cl" command to build your code, you can also use the /TC or /TP to "force" the compiler to C or C++ mode respectively. The same applies in the IDE - you can set the /TC or /TP flag for either all files or individual files by right-clicking in the solution explorer, then Properties->C/C++->Advanced. The most common use of this is if somone has suppied some C++ code in files called .c (or .C from a Unix environment - which isn't differentiated in Windows from the .c variation).


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