Thread: need with on homework.. noob here

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    need with on homework.. noob here

    Input : Maximum dimensions of an area (Xmax, Ymax), Number of nodes N, and distance D.

    Program function
    1- Each node has id.
    2 - Distribute the nodes in the area randomly, such as each node has a position (x , y)
    3 Each node is considered a neighbor to another node, if the distance between them is less than D.
    4 - A node degree is the number of its neighbor nodes. Average degree is the total number of neighbors divided by the nodes number N.

    1-The average node degree
    2-The degree of any node selected by the user.
    3-The minimum degree
    4-The maximum degree

    this is what i understand:
    1. use time to generate random point => coordinate = rand() % (x/y + 1)

    then i dunno how to start... pls help

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    Well having assigned all the positions, the next step would seem to be to calculate all the 'D' values.
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