Thread: Odd question.. but cna you get C to run an app?

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    *Now* I understand.
    Yes, Windows (cmd.exe) can run any .exe file by just giving the full path.
    And, How did you get that quote box?
    Another thing.
    In linux, *where* is the / directory?
    example /mnt/hda1/folder/file
    first '/'

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    Just hit the "Quote" button in the lower right of the post you want to quote (and delete any part of the post you don't want to quote). In Unix/Linux, there are no drive letters like A:, C:, so everything is under / and if you want to attach a new filesystem to an existing filesystem, you create a directory in the existing filesystem (the "mount point") and "mount" the new filesystem at that point. See

    But this is getting off topic.

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