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    having a problem here

    I'm reworking my URL decoder, the first step is to seperate out the input, I made this function up to read input, but the phone number is coming out wierd, I think its printing the address. Can anyone help me out here?

    // Compiler Includes
    #include <stdio.h> 
    #include <string.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #define MAX_STRING_LENGTH 100 // Maximum file name length
    #define MAX_ARRAY_SIZE 100		// maximum array size
    //User defined definitions
    typedef struct { // auto_type structure definition
    	char name[MAX_ARRAY_SIZE];
    	char address[MAX_ARRAY_SIZE];
    	char phoneNumber[MAX_ARRAY_SIZE];
    PERSON_TYPE ScanPersonByValue(void);	// function to scan person info
    void PrintPersonInfo (PERSON_TYPE personToPrint);
    int main (void) {
    	//local variable
    	PERSON_TYPE personOne = {"\0", "\0", "\0"};
    	personOne = ScanPersonByValue();
    	return 0;
    PERSON_TYPE ScanPersonByValue (void) {
        PERSON_TYPE inputPerson = {"\0", "\0", "\0" };
        //	char buff[MAX_ARRAY_SIZE] = {"\0"};
    		printf("\nenter your name:");
    		fgets( sizeof, stdin);
    		printf("\nenter your address:");
    		fgets(inputPerson.address sizeof inputPerson.address, stdin);
    		printf("\nenter your phone number:");
    		fgets(inputPerson.phoneNumber sizeof inputPerson.phoneNumber, stdin);
        return inputPerson;
    void PrintPersonInfo (PERSON_TYPE personToPrint) { 
      printf("NAME: %s            \nADDRESS: %s       \nPHONE: %d\n",, 
             personToPrint.address, personToPrint.phoneNumber); // prints structures from PERSON_TYPE
    } // end function PrintPersonInfo

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    You are missing a comma on the "fgets" lines.

    Use "MAX_PATH" for the size of filenames - 100 may be a bit short on some systems. (I do realize you're not using MAX_STRING_SIZE yet, but the comment says that it's the max size of filename).


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    Thanks a bunch, figures it was something small like that!

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