Thread: Printing From A structure.

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    Printing From A structure.

    Okay, I made a basic program detailing departures from 2 airports.

    #include <stdio.h>
    int input;
    struct Reno_Airport {
    char FNewYork[60];
    char FSacramento[60];
    char FMontreal[60];
    } Reno_Airport = {
    "New York, 3:00",
    "Sacramento, 1:23",
    struct Copenhagen_Airport {
    char FMoscow[60];
    char FCairo[60];
    } Copenhagen_Airport = {
    "Moscow, 17:30",
    "Cairo, 23:34",
    printf("Enter Airport: 1=Reno, 2=Copenhagen ");
    switch (input) {
    case 1:
    printf("Departures: %c, %c, %c",FNewYork, FSacramento, FMontreal);
    case 2:
    printf("Departures: %c, %c",FMoscow, FCairo);
    By the way, I already tried putting in Reno_Airport.FNewYork instead of FNewYork, and the same for Sacramento and Montreal, as well as copenhagen for Moscow and Cairo, so that's not it. When I run it with the structure/variable name in front of the characters it just gives me strange characters as an output.

    So, how do I get fields from structures and print them out?

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    Well picking the right format for printf would be a good start.
    &#37;c prints chars, %s is for strings.

    A good compiler with maximum warnings will tell you this, and was discussed very recently.
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    Perhaps your code needs a proper indendation. And you have already got the answer here.

    You just nned them to be printed in the right format. &#37;c -> %s.

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    I didn't know that a compiler could effectively compile this...

    Like salem said, use &#37;s instead of %c. %s are for string, %c are for char. See this if you want more information.

    And actually, what you are trying to do is to read the value of the variable "FNewYork", which doesn't exist; in fact "FNewYork" is a MEMBER of a variable of type struct Reno_Airport.

    Knowing you declared a variable name Reno_Airport of type struct Reno_Airport, what you should do is this
    printf("Departures: %s, %s, %s",Reno_Airport.FNewYork, Reno_Airport.FSacramento, Reno_Airport.FMontreal);
    Note that this apply to variable of type struct Copenhagen_Airport too.

    Also, you should use local variables instead of globals one. Indentation wouldn't hurt too.

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