Thread: problem with pointers in strcat

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    problem with pointers in strcat

    Hi everyone,
    There are some problem with the pointers in my program:
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int main(){
    	char *s1 = "Opa";
    	char *s2 = "hail!";
    	printf("%s", s1);
    	return 0;	
    what can i change in my code?


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    make s1 space for s1 and s2, and make it not point to a string constant. If you change a string constant ("osidjidfs") then your program could crash.

    to do that, you could make s1 an array with space enough for both:
    	char s1[20] = "Opa";
    	char *s2 = "hail!";
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    exactly as robwhit pointed s1 does not have enough memory to store s1+s2 and hence the problem.

    Make s1 an array or allocate enough memory for s1 so that it may store the length of s1+s2.

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